Civil Litigation

Lloyd Winter, P.C., has been successful in representing clients in civil lawsuits. Our civil litigation lawyers effectually represent all types of clients from individuals to small and closely-held business owners. We are experienced legal professionals dedicated to providing personalized services for each client. At Lloyd Winter, P.C., we handle various types of cases from small business litigation, business planning, incorporation, contract disputes, breach of warranty, commercial construction, insurance litigation, wills, estates, probate, and landlord-tenant issues. We provide our expertise in all civil litigation proceedings–small or complex. If you are located in Northern, Central or Southern California, contact us. Whether a dispute arises between businesses, a business and a third-party, or a business and its employees, partners, or shareholders, we are here to counsel and represent you and your interests.

Lloyd Winter, P.C. | Civil Litigation Attorneys

Our law firm represent clients throughout California. For more information on how Lloyd Winter Attorneys at Law can represent you, contact us today. Call 559-233-3636 or provide us with information about your situation and we will contact you promptly.